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Our "Autodial" Alarms Directly Text / Call YOUR mobile if activated......
NO Fees, NO Contracts & NO Call Centres..... Just Total Control & Peace of Mind !!!
Autodial burglar alarm systems , see our DIY easy to install wireless home or house  burglar alarm systems   solar powered alarm systems for home, work, office   see our easy to install diy wireless garden shed / garage /  burglar alarm systems   autodial burglar alarm systems , see our easy to install office / factory / workplace diy wireless burglar alarm systems
Wireless Autodial Home Burglar Alarm with App   not looking for a  burglar alarm ?  see our wireless cctv kit s and video surveillance equipment at affordable prices   see our easy to install wireless GSM Autodial boat / yacht / caravan burglar alarm systems   see our simple burglar alarm systems  including Autodial burglar alarms
free shipping on all burglar alarm systems   cravan GSM autodial burglar alarm systems and security for your caravan   smoke detection and fire safety alarms   best burglar alarm system provider UK

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100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee on ALL Home Wireless Alarm Systems



wireless home burglar alarm with iPhone App

                  NEW & Exclusive

The very best & latest in wireless home burglar alarm technology.

Do not let the massive spec of this wireless home alarm system intimidate you, it is specifically designed to be totally user friendly and very easy to self install... DIY friendly

Use this wireless home burglar alarm kit as a bells only standalone burglar alarm system, a self monitored burglar alarm that you have complete control of or a fully externally monitored burglar alarm system... the choice is yours.. it does it all!!!

This new design wireless home burglar alarm system has a whole bundle of great features including a sleek easy to understand control panel with large LCD screen .. or you can control your system with our FREE app download which enables you to fully control and monitor your burglar alarm system straight from your iPhone, Android or Smartphone.

This impressive wireless burgalr alarm system boasts a stylish touchscreen control panel, 100m wireless range, Autodial feature which is compatible with Landline telephone points and GSM SIM cards. Plus... Part Arm/Night Mode, 2 Way intercom, temperature alert, power cut alert, remote arm and disarm, listen in function, 24 hour battery backup etc etc etc... It can even run from a 240 or 12v power supply making it perfect for homes & offices or applications such as boats, caravans & stables

                          Add or remove sensors to suit your needs, contact us for a price.

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Bespoke Wireless Alarm System

Bespoke Alarm Package ?

So you like our wireless  home alarm systems but you cannot find an alarm package that meets your exact needs... No problem... We will happily create you your very own wireless home alarm system package that suits you and your needs perfectly. Just let us know what you want it to do and the number and type of sensors and we will do the rest.

Click the below link for tips and advise on creating your own wireless alarm package.


 Create Your Own Home Alarm Package Tips & Advise                                       


We are specialists in easy to DIY install Wireless Home Burglar Alarm, wireless home intruder Alarm systems and wireless CCTV Systems plus other wireless Home security Alarm and wireless Security Devises, Shed Alarms, Garage Alarms, Caravan Alarms, Boat Alarms, Garden Alarms, Oil Tank Alarms... We have a large range of wireless aram systems to protect and alarm your house, garage, garden shed, boat, caravan, business or workplace.  All of our wireless home Burglar Alarms and other wireless security alarm systems come with a full 12 month warranty and 100% satisfaction or money back Guarantee plus a dedicated technical support telephone line if you should need it. Have peace of mind knowing that a wireless home security burglar alarm is protecting your property and possessions, get protected today with one of our fantastic wireless home Burglar Alarms or other wireless security devises.

"EasyAlarms" Powerful Technology Made Simple !!!



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