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"An autodial alarm system from only £1.00 per week...."


Yep, thats right.......

An Award Winning Alarm System for onlyburglar alarm rentalper week

The Amazing Benefits to You:

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The Award Winning Alarm....

The award winning alarm system is perfect for small shops, offices or flats. It has single room / area coverage as standard but can have an extra 2 wired sensors added (either pir movement sensors or window/door sensors or a combination of the two...). It has a built in scream siren that omits an ear piercing 105dB two tone siren if activated. This system requires a mains power supply and landline telephone socket (please note that this will not interfere with any existing telephony equipment that you already have connected). It features pin code activation/deactivation, variable entry and exit timers and can be easily installed in less than 30 mins. Please note this alarm system will still work as an effective burglar alarm without a telephone line connection, but the self monitoring and external monitoring function(s) will not be available.

 autodial Burglar Alarm system

    2 Times Winner of the Prestigious,

     "Platinum" UK Consumer Product of the Year Award

     Secure Pin Code Activation / De-Activation

     Variable Entry Timers

     Fully Adjustable Infra-Red Movement Detector

     Built-in 105dB Scream Siren

     Internal Battery Backup

     PANIC button for Emergencies

     Optional Chime Notification in standby mode

     Easy Installation

     Stores 5 Emergency Contact telephone numbers

     Internal Flash Memory data storage




Ok, Here's how it works.....

Simply pick the option from above that best suits your needs and select that relevant option number from the below drop down menu, click the "Buy Now" button and complete the form, simple..... please note that you require a Paypal account or to set up a Paypal account to complete online registration, by clicking the below "Buy Now" button you will be taken to the Paypal website that has all the relevent information on how to do this....


Give us a call on 02392 750404 and set up a alarm rental direct debit over the phone with one of our friendly team


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Buy this Award Winning Burglar Alarm System Outright

No Monthly Charges & No Contract ONLY £99.99                  

product code: AD001


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