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Easy to fit Home Alarm, Office Alarm, Shop Burglar Alarm

"Autodial" This System Calls YOU Directly if Triggered

Dont Ever Pay for External Monitoring Again......



free shipping on all burglar alarm systems


Benefits of this burglar alarm:

Auto Dialling Security Alarm links to your phone or mobile - click to purchase









Easy fit burglar alarm system. When activated by movement in the room (or by any added sensors) this fantastic burglar alarm system automatically sounds the very loud 120Db scream siren and dials your mobile, office or friend immediately.

No matter where you are this burglar alarm will tell you that you have an intruder within 60 seconds of your premises being broken into or entered by an intruder/burglar.

This new burglar alarm ADS System incorporates the latest cutting edge micro technology to allow you to monitor your home or business premises, no matter where you are, even if you are away on holiday abroad. You can set this burglar alarm system to call up to five different landline or mobile telephone numbers automatically whenever it has been activated.

If it is answered by a child or answerphone our technology within this burglar alarm will keep it calling the pre-programmed numbers until properly answered by an adult. It can then be de-activated by calling back your alarm telephone number.

front and back views of the auto dialling alarm - programmed to connect to your mobile phone or land line - click to purchase
The burglar alarm unit measures only 11cm high x 8 cm wide (8" x 4") and can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Simply plug the burglar alarm system into your existing telephone line wall point, plug the power cable into an electricity point and set the 5 emergency contact telephone numbers you wish to be called in the event of intruder activation. It’s that simple, anyone can fit this system in just 15 - 20 minutes with no knowledge of alarms or technical ability.


Use this great little burglar alarm system for your Home, Business Premises or Holiday Home Abroad, it has been developed to work with any phone system anywhere in the world to call you whenever your premises have been entered.

free shipping on all burglar alarm systems


£29.99 inc postage

product code EAAD001


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