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Burglar Alarm and High Security Padlock in One


free shipping on all burglar alarm systems


Benefits of this item:




The shackle has an inner groove on one side. Replacing the shackle into the lock with the groove towards the key port will cause the lock to "beep" - it is now arming. After approximately 15 seconds delay it will be armed. When the lock is first moved it gives a triple beep warning. This allows you to unlock it without setting off the alarm. The next time it is triggered, the alarm will sound for 10 seconds and this will continue if the padlock continues to be moved or tampered with. Once movement stops the alarm will re-set after 35 seconds. The padlock has both movement and shock sensors and if either is triggered the siren will sound.

Removing the shackle stops the siren from operating.


750,000 homes are burgled every year, don’t wait, BUY IT NOW!!!

free shipping on all burglar alarm systems

£24.99 inc postage

product code EAPAD


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