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Low cost, Low voltage video capture system .... Alternative to costly CCTV

Product Code EAX6A

This 12V powered LED light Camera, will automatically take photos or start recording the footage onto a micro SD Card (NOT PROVIDED), when motion is detected at the same time the LED lights comes on to deter the vandal. The image can then be viewed using a memory card reader (NOT PROVIDED) on your PC, just like a standard digital camera. The camera has 2 MEGA PIXELS, which is perfect to clearly identify the person.

Motion Activated Camera/Security light
Auto Lighting and motion detection
Up to 2.0M Pixel Digital Camera (interpolation)
support Max 32GB SD Card
Auto overwrite when the memory is full
Can be used as PC camera without SD CARD
Can be used as U disc with SD CARD
Digital Video Capture(640X480 pixel)
24 hour Standby
Net Weight:320g
32 LEDs with lowest power consumption
Auto mode with auto light on
Fixed Timer 3 minutes
User Defined Lighting angle (Adjusting Light manually)
view range:Max 12m
CMOS image sensor. 2.0M pixels colour
INTERNAL MEMORY :support Max 32GB SD Card
Cam view angle :120 degree
5P glass lens
Fixed focus :1.5 M to infinite
USB 2.0 Pc Connection
Automatic White balance & exposure
PIR Auto-detection, Auto light on
Time setting:When updating the date and time Operating: 1)Enter the CD into your computer and install it; 2)Enter the TF card into the slot; 3)Connect the the Flood light to PC; 4)Open the relevant file in the PC and establish a txt. file and name "Time" ,and then enter the content:2009-06-06 20-51-00 
Year, Month, Day, Hours, Minutes, Time stamp
Solution choice:Either 1 or 2 photo capture or 10 sec AVI video capture. (Cheapest option)
Year, Month, Day, Hours, Minutes, Time stamp
EITHER 1 or 2 photo capture or 10 sec AVI video capture. (Cheapest option)
Runs with Windows 98/SE/Me/2000/XP
Packing information
1)1*USB cable
2) 1*DC12V power adapter
1、Taking images:Insert the disk into computer,open “my disk” in “my computer”,install the two pcs of software in the disk and then connect the home centry (without TF card) into computer,you will find a standard camera,open it,you could take photos manually and save the images into your PC.
2、 Time setting:Insert TF card into home centry,connect it into PC,open “my computer”there is a moveable disk,open it and then open “my disk” in“my computer”there is a “time,txt”.copy the file into the moveable disk,set the correct time and exit.
3、Video recording:Insert the TF card into home centry,connect it with power supply ,select it first and then hang on it to the entrance(outdoor),can work automatically.
4、Checking the videos:Connect the home centry(with TF card) into computer,open “the moveable disk” in “my computer”,press the first video for contineous looking,10s to one file.


Around 750,000 homes are burgled every year, don’t wait, BUY IT NOW!!!

Only £99.99 inc FREE Delivery

product code EAX6A

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