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Solar Powered Entrance / Garden Security Light

Perfect for Entrances, Porches, Verandas, Caravans, Boats & Back Gates

Solar Powered Passive Infra-red (PIR) entrance security light

Product Code EASEL

This is a great security devise that can be installed just about anywhere, no leads or cables needed. When movement is detected this great solar security light with turn itself on for aproximatly 2 mins. This solar light is fitted with 12 of the latest super bright white LED bulbs which effectivly iluminate the area surrounding this light. It can be used as a traditional entrance light or because it needs no external power source can be put to use just about anywhere, like.... on a boat, above shop windows, on the side of your shed or garage, on your caravan, on your driveway posts, goods entrances or yards, within building sites or even side and back alyways. The options are limitless.

750,000 homes are burgled every year, don’t wait, BUY IT NOW!!!

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£24.99 inc postage

product code EASEL

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