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Pressure Activated Visitor Alert, Burglar Alarm

Benefits of this burglar alarm:

Pressure Mat Burglar Alarm System - siren or chime

Door Matt Burglar Alarm and Visitor Alert- size 64 x 38cm

This pressure activated door mat burglar alarm is a simple but effective and discrete method of adding additional security for your home, shop or office.

Perfect for a multitude of uses....Like, as a shop entrance customer chime, in replacement of your door bell, office alarm, storage area alert etc etc

It can be used anywhere, simply place under a doormat or carpet and when trodden on will activate either an alarm or chime sound. If the alarm mode is selected the siren will sound for approximately 20 seconds and then re-set itself. If the chime mode is selected it will sound twice (Ding Dong).

The pressure mat and alarm is connected with a 10m, descrete cable which can be extended if required. The alarm is supplied with a 9V battery.

750,000 homes are burgled every year, don’t wait, BUY IT NOW!!!

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£34.99 inc Postage

product code EAB7


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