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Wireless GSM Burglar Alarm System with TEXT Alerts Direct to YOUR Mobile Phone

Benefits of this Fantastic burglar alarm system:

Wireless burglar alarm with SMS alert - suitable for business, home, caravan or boat

The Watchguard SMS 2010 burglar alarm system is a true revolution in self monitored home and mobile security systems. It has been designed specifically to provide simple installation and maximum protection at an affordable price.

It can be used across a range of applications, including caravans, boats, building sites etc. or anywhere where a portable, self-monitored alarm is required. It is a sophisticated system, utilising the latest in GSM communication and wireless burglar alarm system technology.

The Watchguard SMS 2010 communicates to your mobile via a GSM mobile phone network. A suitable SIM Card is required (not included). The SIM Card enables 2-way communication via SMS text messaging between you and your alarm.

How The Burglar Alarm System Works:

Plug & Play Setup: Security has never been so easy to install. After mounting the movement detectors in the zones to be monitored and mounting the external siren in a prominent position, simply plug the burglar alarm module into the power pack (or connect 12VDC), turn the power key to on and you're ready to go!

Arm The Premises: Use your Remote Control to arm the Watchguard Wireless Burglar Alarm System to secure your premises. When body movement is detected in the premises, the sensors will send a message to the alarm module.

Eight Zone Burglar Alarm Module with Built in GSM Modem: This is the brain of the burglar alarm system. When it receives the message from the Wireless Movement Sensors, it automatically sends your reported alarm to your designated mobile(s) as an SMS. The internal siren will also sound, helping repel the intruder.

Alarm Notification: The Watchguard SMS 2010 burglar alarm module communicates to your mobile phone via GSM. When triggered, the module sends a detailed SMS of the reported alarm to your designated mobile(s). A voice message may also be sent to a landline telephone, where supported. Up to 5 people can be notified.

Package Includes:

If you would like this system with extra sensors please contact us on 02392 750404 or email info@easyalarms.co.uk stating this alarms product code and the number of extras you require from the list below:

750,000 homes are burgled every year, don’t wait, BUY IT NOW!!!

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Only £299.00 with FREE postage

product code EA2010

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