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Do I Really Need a Burglar Alarm?
Almost everyone should consider installing a burglar alarm because none of us is immune to the opportunist burglar, but we don't all need the same level of protection. Are you guarding some priceless antiques, diamond necklaces or just an average household home like most of us ? The information below will help you decide the level of protection necessary for your home and prevent wasted expense on equipment you don't need.
Initially you should consider the general security of your home, are all the doors and windows in good solid condition and are they fitted with sound locks ? Your property may be in a high crime area or in a quiet rural area but a good burglar alarm can be just as important in both, providing a safeguard to give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are protected.

Government statistics:

How much will I have to spend, ask yourself this:
Do you want to protect your house and possessions while you are away from home, or while you are in residence, or both? Or do you just want to protect your garden shed, garage or even just your garden ornaments?

Simple yet powerful alarms for your garden or shed can cost from as little as £19.95, and if your concern is to secure your home while you are away a basic home alarm system that will dial your mobile or landline when activated by an intruder can cost a very modest £39.95. Complete wireless burglar alarm systems with auto dial facilities and PIR movement detectors including contact sensors on doors and windows to cover the whole house interior, plus a control panel and an alarm sounder can also be purchased from only £84.95, and can be fitted by anyone with basic DIY skills in about an hour.

No need to employ professional installers, and no need to have expensive monthly service and maintenance contracts, with systems like these everyone can afford the luxury of a burglar alarm to protect their property.

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