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Modern technology has produced a new dimension in burglar alarms. Many homes, offices and business premises are now protected through wireless communication. Wireless Alarms are often fitted in place of a wired alarm as they are quick to fit, can very often be installed by anyone with a few DIY skills, and are inexpensive. An automatic dialing system that will dial out up to six telephone numbers when activated by an intruder can cost as little as £39.95, and can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

Apart from low cost and simple fitting the main advantage of wireless alarms is that wires do not have to be fixed throughout the building to join the circuit sensors to the control panel, which also avoids removing floorboards, drilling holes, lifting carpets and all the other difficulties associated with traditional wired systems. With a wireless alarm you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your modern burglar alarm system is not only protecting your premises from intrusion but also the subsequent distress that is inevitably caused by a burglary. An additional benefit is that there are no wires connecting detectors to the control panel - this means that alarms cannot be disabled by cutting control wires.

With minimal service and maintenance, usually just a change of batteries each year, your wireless alarm can provide many years of protection and peace of mind to you and your family.

With home security being ever more necessary in the fight against burglars and opportunist thieves there has never been a more convenient way of protecting your property.

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