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Tailor Made Burglar Alarm Systems..

Everyone had different needs and sometimes you just cant find the right package for you.. we are happy to supply burglar alarms to your exact specifications. Simply tell us what you want the system to do and how many sensors you need and BINGO we will create an alarm system that suits you perfectly.... (if your not sure give us a call and we will be happy to offer some friendly advise) ...

We often supply bespoke systems to all sorts of clients, both residential and commercial.. protecting everything from Boats to Caravans, Farm Buildings, Holiday Homes, Manor Houses and Bungalows, Garages, Workshops, Factories and Sheds.... we do it all.... Please Note that unless you state otherwise we will always presume that you require a wireless system as these are the easiest to install.

Bellow is some useful information to help you make sure that your burglar alarm gives you the protection and functions that are right for you.



What type of control panel:

The control panel is the brain of the burglar alarm system and as the name would suggest it controls and monitors all the component parts like the PIRs, window & door sensors and the extrnal bell box etc. It is also responsible for the activation and de-activation of the burglar alarm system plus the course of action if the alarm is activated.

This is the Easy bit as we supply one control panel that can do it all, our systems can do ALL of the below, simply choose the function you want it to perform and BINGO your done...

  1. Standard or Stand Alone: this is simply a bells only alarm system, if it is activated by an intruder it will sound a siren on site to alert your neighbours and scare away the intruder.
  2. Autodial ... Landline & GSM: this type of system connects to either or both a standard landline telephone point and /or a mobile phone sim card inside the unit... when setting it up you stare into it a selection of telephone numbers you want it to contact in the event of an alarm activation...  if activated by an intruder it contacts the numbers stored in the control box's memory via the landline connection or mobile phone sim card inside just like a monitored alarm system ... but avoiding the need for expensive contracts and monitoring fees.. Please note that our systems can take any SIM card from any network provider of your choice pay as you go or contract its up to you. (O2, pay as you go, supplied with this box)
  3. Monitored: this is very similar to an auto dial system but informs a monitoring centre of any activation who in turn call you. Again Our systems can do this if you wish, it has all the relevant protocols to connect to a proffessional monitoring center of your choice.

Our control panel is very sleek and modern, touchscreen with clear LCD readout, it can be fixed to the wall or freestanding, and remember it may have an impressive amount of features but it is specifically chosen for its ease of use and user friendlyness:



Features of our control panel:



What type of pir:

Pir's are the sensors that normally sit in the corner of a room and will pick up any movement in the room. Our wireless PIR sensors all have easy fit swivel mount brackets and are powered by a standard 9v battery. under normal usage conditions the battery in each sensor should last up to 12 months. Hoverver for added piece of mind our control panel will let you know if they need replacing. For longer durations between battery changes use rechargeable or lithium batteries.

Our PIR sensors with sleek internal antenna:



External Siren & bell box:

We only use wireless bell boxes, the communication they have with your system is wirefree but they do require a power supply (we supply the standard 3 pin plug in adaptor, easy peasy) In our opinion the outside siren and bell box is the most imortant part, as it offers a visual deterrent to any potential intruder ie it helps prevent burglars from breaking in as it is a clear warning, especially as statistics prove that 89% of burglars are opportunists and if they suspect a property has an active burglar alarm they will not attempt to break in. So once you have bought your alarm and have not had an activation, don't consider it as a waste of money, it is actually doing its job very well !!!! We would also recommend you consider having 2 bell boxes i dummy and one live, one at the front of your house and one at the back. Do you live in a bungalow or ground floor flat? don't worry, if the bell box is tampered with it will activate itself, all our boxes have an anti tamper function. Although our bell boxes are wireless (receive the activation signal from the control box without the use of wires) they do need to be connected to a mains power supply, but also have a 48 hour battery backup built in, incase of power failure.


Our External Siren Bell Box:


What Accessories:





Now you have all the information you need to make an informed choice as to what you need to protect yourself from any burglar. Remember we need the following information to accurately price your tailored burglar alarm system:

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Extra usefull info regrding the security of your home...


                                                 How do burglars break in

If you need any advise or special requirements or have any questions that have not been answered in the above information please click this link and get in touch via our Contact Us Page




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