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Wireless Pay as you Go (No Minimum Term Contract) GPS Tracker Unit


This unique, very small and powerful worldwide live tracking GPS device allows you to track assets, vehicles or people on demand 24/7. It is lightweight and water resistant. It is also fitted with a panic alarm, once pressed and held for 4 seconds the device will inform selected telephone numbers of its location, giving you peace of mind with loved ones.

Benefits of this Great little Gadget:




GPS Tracker

The Control panel allows you to;

This superb mini tracker has a rechargeable Lithium battery allowing you to track non stop for up to seven days between charging; we can also provide solar and hardwired charging accessories for more permanent applications. Our user friendly web enabled control panel has been designed especially for ease of use. The panel allows you to easily see your trackers location via clear and accurate maps, change the frequency interval of when you want to locate your tracker,set a 360 degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence (when your tracker breaks this perimeter barrier either entering,exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you) That's not all... you can also call the device from your mobile phone and it will return the address location details to you via SMS. Combine these unique features with real time tracking, easy to use location history, path reports plus more.... and this fantastic gadget is a must have for families and businesses alike. It has straight out of the box usability. Unit Dimensions 66mm/36mm/20mm.Weight: 76g. Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz



£9.99 per month per tracker

(Approx £2.30 per week)

Monthly standing (to be set up for the 26th of the month)

1 months deposit required

No Contract

4 weeks notice to change plans


£20 – 200 sms

£30 – 400 sms

.... OR ....


(for clients who require temporary periods of tracking**)


Prepay Options :

1 MONTH: £ 36.00

3 MONTHS: £ 60.00

6 MONTHS : £ 96.00

12 MONTHS: £144.00


What you get in the box:

Only £199.99 inc FREE Delivery

product code EATI247


Available Extras:

FAQ's about this item:

Q: Will the unit work as soon as I remove it from the box?

A: Yes. You can start to use the unit immediately !

Q: Do I need to buy any special software ?

A: No. The tracking is done from our website control panel. You may need a free program called 'Microsoft Silverlight' installed on your PC, if this program is not already installed on your computer you will be redirected to the Microsoft site to install this onto your computer, just follow the instructions, (this will take 2-3 minutes). Once this is installed you will then have to restart your internet browser and re-log on with your device ID. Switch your device on and you are now ready to track live !!

Q: Do I have to call you to activate my device?

A: No. You are ready to track straight out of the box !

Q: Can I set safe zones and receive alerts to my mobile phone, also do I have to pay for these alerts?

A: Yes - you can set safe zones from our intuitive control panel and you will receive SMS messages when you leave and /or enter the safety zones. (you will need to set the mobile number in the Zones Button on the control panel). You can add and delete Safety Zones and set as many as you require. You are in complete control of your unit. Every message will use one of your SMS credits. Further SMS credits can be added via the TopUp button.

Q: Can I use the software and track my unit on more than one computer?

A: Yes you can, there are no restrictions.

Q: Does the device have a warranty and if I have a problem what is the procedure?

A: The unit has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. If you do have a problem then you must contact customer services - if we cannot fix the problem. We will repair or replace the unit.

Q: Does the unit have a panic function?

A: Yes - the units do have a panic button. When the panic button is held down for 5 seconds the following will happen: " The unit will inform the control panel with a RED ALERT MESSAGE on the centre of the control panel indicating that the panic button has been activated, giving full location details. With an audible warning. " Customers mobile phone will also receive a SMS message - that the panic button has been activated and full locations details and a mobile internet link (WAP LINK) showing a map where the panic button was pressed.

Q: How do I know when to charge the battery and can I view the battery level on the panel?

A: You can view the battery strength at all times on the control panel. The unit automatically sends the battery strength every 60 minutes to update the control panel or you can use the COMMAND button to check the battery levels. The device also indicates a low battery on the device via a red light under the battery indicator. You will also receive a low battery warning via SMS.

Q: How long does the battery last on the unit?

A: The endurance of the battery depends on what interval you set your device to send its positions. eg. Average battery life on the uni will last around 3-7 days. If the device is switched on but in standby mode then you can expect around 160 hours. If you use the Tracking device at 60 sec or less intervals (5 seconds or 30seconds) - this consumes more battery power. We do have available hard wired and on the move chargers etc for a more permanent usage solution.

Q: Is the unit waterproof?

A: Yes the unit is water resistant to standard IPX6.

Q: When the unit moves, can I view it in real time on the panel even at 5 seconds?

A: Yes you can. You can set the reporting time for the unit from every 5 seconds to every 4 hours. You are in control - you can track as much or as little as you like. You are then also in complete control of your cost because You pay only for as much as you track !

Q: Can I view more than one unit on my control panel?

A: Yes you can view as many devices as you want on your panel.

Q: Will my device work on abroad ?

A: The device can be used to track internationally in most of Europe and many other major International destinations around the world. To activate this service or for further information on this feature, please contact us first (Please note, charges may apply for international roaming)

Q: Can I track indoors?

A: The unit has restrictions under very extreme conditions. This does not mean that it will not give you a fresh position. Any GPS device has its limitations. If you are inside a room with no windows and a solid concrete roof then the chances of obtaining a valid GPS position is very thin. The unit has a very sensitive GPS receiver, it is GPS assisted. This helps the device to obtain a fix very quickly. In general you will find the TRACKit247 device performs to a very high standard and it will give you fresh GPS positions in most buildings. Aditional antennas are available to boost an indoor signal if need be.

Q: Do I require a special mobile phone to track the device?

A: No. Any mobile phone will allow you to instantly receive the full location details. The SMS that you receive will also indicate the time of the GPS position and the battery life. Internet enabled mobile phones will also be able to receive a free WAP link which will allow the user to see a map on the phone. Simply call the device telephone number (enclosed with the Device ID) from your mobile phone, after 2/3 rings the call will be disconnected and a SMS message will be on its way to you with the full location details of the unit. iPhone users can purchase an iPhone app that will allow you to track live from your iPhone. Please go to the website for full details.

Q: What hours are the units Customer call centre open for ?

A: Our UK customer call center is open from 8.00 am until 6.pm from Monday to Saturday. OR you can email anytime

Q: Can my tracker give an incorrect reading?

A: Sometimes, when the Tracker is stationary inside a building or in a confined space, the GPS signal can be difficult to transmit and some 'bouncing' or 'reflection/refraction ' may occur giving a false impression of movement. You can set the unit to 'vehicle mode', to reduce this effect. This command is found within the 'Commands' section on your control panel.

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